Explore Central Asian Languages while On the Silk Road with CeLCAR, a new weekly podcast!

Bloomington, March 25, 2019

On the Silk Road with CeLCAR is an educational podcast brought to you by the Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region at Indiana University. Each month, we bring guests from different parts of Central Asian to talk about the people, the culture, and of course the languages of their country! This podcast is perfect for the Central Asian enthusiasts out there, linguaphiles, and all of those who just generally have a thirst for knowledge and a curiosity about other cultures. We hope you will follow along with us as we journey through this exquisitely colorful area of the world, so rich in history and ancient cultures!

The most recent episode featured language instructor Dr. Rahman Arman, who taught us about the Dari language, spoken in Afghanistan, including teaching us some sample phrases in Dari. He also read us an original poem about Navruz and told us more about the holiday and its traditions.

Fans of the podcast can contact the host, Amber Kennedy Kent, via email at akkent@indiana.edu to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to become a guest on the show.

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